About Us

223-d is a startup based in the Bay Area that comprises of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and business development professionals who all have one mantra - CUSTOMER FIRST.

Today, we live in a digital world where images and videos are growing exponentially. Every day, over 300 million images are uploaded to Facebook, and over 95 million to Instagram. The Internet touches every aspect of our lives including shopping, dating, communicating with friends and even monitoring our houses from remote - all of which rely heavily on image and videos. Images are also extensively used in manufacturing, healthcare and other business processes.

Yet, the ability of machines to interpret these images intelligently is still inadequate, so many business processes cannot be fully automated. Existing technologies focus more on consumer facing solutions like image classification, landmark detection, photo OCR and face recognition/ detection.

We developed 223-d to provide intelligent image interpretations for business processes, while internalizing the complexities of Deep Learning. Our goal is to build solutions that are easy to use and integrate, while providing significant ROI.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your automation needs with us, please email us at info@223-d.com.

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